I have been suffering from sciatica pain for years. I have undergone many types of pain management therapies: Massage, Electro Stimulation, Pills, Steroid injections, Topical Creams, and various therapeutic exercises, but nothing worked to stop the pain as well as Mr. Lee’s acupuncture! If you’ve ever suffered from sciatica pain, you know that the pain varies from day to day; sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes, it’s VERY BAD! Just recently, I went to see Mr. Lee on a day when my sciatica pain was VERY BAD! I literally limped into his office, and after Mr. Lee put a few needles into my hands and feet, then he asked me to raise my leg, something that would normally have caused my sciatica to flare up in excruciating pain, but instead, I was able to raise my leg without any pain at all! Five minutes beforehand, I had been experiencing extreme pain when I moved my leg, and now it was gone! It was AMAZING!!! I could not believe it!! I limped into Mr. Lee’s office in pain, and I walked out of his office 30 minutes later without any sciatica pain at all!! Now I see Mr. Lee once a week to get rid of all my aches and pains! Thank you Mr. Lee!! There are many people out there claiming they are experts in Acupuncture, but Mr. Lee is the real thing! If you are in need of an expert in Acupuncture, go see Mr. Lee!

Vincent S. Fontana, CA

I saw Dr.. Lee for therapy for my anxiety and stress problems and with the first treatment I had on friday I felt so good and I notice the difference right away and had a relief during the weekend I finally was able to enjoy my weekend without feeling the pressure on my chest and was able to sleep good….I hardly recommend dr. Lee I will continue treatments with him…..thank you dr. Lee god bless

Ivonne. Murrieta , CA


So far, I have had four acupuncture treatments. I am truly amazed at the pain relief. Let me explain my amazement. No sooner were the acupuncture needles inserted, my pain was relieved. I have had acupuncture in the pat but relief was must subtler. Ok; I’m going to say magical! I would recommend this practitioner as indicated to anyone.

Edward Barr. Temecula, CA


I am so happy to have found Dr. Lee. I recently had a sudden onset of shooting pain with tingling in my feet and hands. I have seen Dr. Lee twice in the last two weeks and my symptoms have decreased immensely. I highly recommend Dr. Lee for treatment with pain. He is humble and masterful and extraordinarily effective in his treatments.

Crystal N. Temecula, CA


Dr. Kwang Lee is the master of the trade! We started going to this clinic since October. My wife has been dealing with anxiety issues on and off for years coupled with sleep issues from as far back as 20 years. First time he saw my wife he already knew what to do. He is very methodical in his treatments to ensure that it is appropriate for her issues and that her body can handle it. You only get that kind of treatment from someone that has been doing this a long time. I can say that my wife’s anxiety issues (panic attacks) went from multiple times a day to a couple times a week to almost nothing now. Her anxiety if it comes (as random as they are) is now a very mild session that pass with a couple deep breaths and relaxing. Absolutely amazing what he has been able to do. Her sleeping is getting better and better by the week. He told us that old problems that you have put off for a long time take a long time to heal. Too much treatment or treating many problems at once is also too hard on the body. Step by step we will fix the worse problem first and move on to the next. He is very curious and sincerely concerned of how your body is responding to the treatments at each visit. Very professional. Also he does workmen’s comp cases and handles all the insurance paperwork. I will be starting my own sessions with him next year for some neck and shoulder issues.

Aaron B. Murrieta, C


Dr. Lee is the very best acupuncturist! I have been to several who seemed to just stick needles everywhere randomly, never explaining what they were trying to accomplish, with no results. I have a variety of health issues stemming from Chronic Lyme disease, the top of the list being constant left sided migraines. Since the first visit, my headaches have lessened in frequency and intensity. Not only does he skillfully provide acupuncture, but for migraines/neck issues, he also uses acupressure (feels amazing, much like cranial sacral therapy). I leave his office feeling relaxed, as though I have just been to the spa for a massage. In fact, I see him once or twice a week, as he does take ppo insurance (thank you God!), which helps tremendously with the out of pocket costs.

I have stopped getting monthly massages, and just see Dr. Lee now. Massages may cut down the pain for a day or two, but I'm always right back where I started, only with less money in the bank, haha. I will never use another acupuncturist as long as he continues to practice!
Heather P, Temecula, CA

I pulled my back moving boxes the other day and it felt like no matter how much I attempted to relax my muscles using ice packs / heating pad I could not get the pain to go away. This was my first time doing acupuncture treatment and I immediately felt relief after the first session. My wife had driven me there because I was unable to sit comfortably and I was able to drive on the way back. I went in for one more session a few days later and am very impressed and happy with the results. If you are skeptical like me, but have some pain that you cannot seem to get rid of I would highly recommend Dr. Lee to give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.
Chris G, Bulverde, TX

Dr. Lee is amazing! His techniques and treatment are effective and painless! I came in for chronic neck pain that I have been experiencing for about 4 years, and after only 5 acupuncture treatments I am about 90% better! Thank you Dr. Lee!

Leah J, Hemet, CA

About a month ago, I began experiencing symptoms that were both sudden and debilitating. I was desperate for immediate relief. Although I had never been to an acupuncturist before, I'd heard great things about the treatment from family and friends. While researching on Yelp, I came across Dr. Lee's Authentic Acupuncture practice and read the reviews from other patients. I was immediately drawn to it. Although a bit apprehensive, I decided to call and he picked up right away. After explaining my symptoms, he scheduled an appointment within a few days, which was refreshing to not have to wait for weeks before being seen.


During our first consultation, he spent an impressive amount of time reading my self-evaluation and asking lots of questions to try and understand my ailments. He made me feel like: 1) there was hope and 2) I was the only patient he had. Perhaps the most impressive thing is that he gave me those same feelings every single visit after that. From his genuine concern for his patients to his calming presence to the authentic music he plays during treatments to his vast knowledge of his profession, Dr. Lee deserves every bit of 5 stars.


After being under his care for about a month now, I'm relieved to say my symptoms have dissipated to a manageable level, largely due to the treatment he performed. But the fact that he treats his patients with such care and compassion truly made this experience even more gratifying. Do yourself, your body and your mind a favor and go see this man. You'll be glad you did.

Chad C, Temecula, CA

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